Bar-T Thurgood Marshall



“We haven’t found a daycare that is so accommodating and realistic about the individual needs of children and strives to avoid the one-size fits all approach. The Director and teachers are open to working with families for the best interest of the child and are very thoughtful and candid about trying new things that seem to hamper traditional day-cares. The teachers/staff is very trustful and loving towards the children, and maintains an open dialogue with parents. Our daughters have grown socially and academically and continue to thrive daily.”
Maggie and Mina – Parent

It is such a great feeling to know that our family has found a child care center that is so loving and supportive of our kids. We have a two and five year old who have attended various centers over the past couple years. Bar-T by far exceeds the care and education of other centers. The Bar-T staff are personal, professional, and encouraging of the kids. The facility is clean, well-kept, and a great learning environment for kids of all ages. Between staff and the center director, there is always someone to answer questions and help guide the development of your child. Being one of two working parents, it is important for me to feel at ease when I leave my children every morning, knowing they are safe, learning, and well-cared for. There is not a day that has gone by that I have questioned any of that for my children.
Shannon D. – Parent

The teachers at Bar-T is what makes sending my child to child care so easy. I feel at ease knowing the teachers are trained and knowledgeable about the children and their needs. The teachers communicate well and the entire center makes us feel like family. I trust them fully and are grateful for them every day. I know my son will always be loved, cared for and learning.
Corey – Parent

Finding the right place for your children to spend their day is a challenging task. When I walked into Bar-T it just felt warm, inviting and great place for my children to learn and grow. As a father of twins I know the challenges of meeting the needs of more than one child at a time. Watching the teachers do this with grace everyday and with more than two children is remarkable. I can’t imagine doing what these teachers do every day! I know that my children are loved and cared for by their happy disposition when we go to the center and when I pick them up. I am so lucky to have Bar-T!
Jon –Parent

Bar-t has made our son excited about the learning process. The daily stimulating and enriching activities has taken his development to the next level. The sensitivity, affection, and respect given to him and our newborn are invaluable and it’s a wonderful feeling to know they are safe and being cared for with so much love.
Kevin & Kate C. – Parents